Wedding Vows

I know that the wedding is looming in the far future, but I enjoy getting a head start on everything (except for school work which is the bane of my existence right now).
Chad and I have decided to write our own vows, since my best friend is marrying us we want to continue with the whole personalized wedding thing. I know I love him (and sometimes like tonight dislike him very much) but how do I put it in to words that adequately serve my purpose? And ultimately represent the correct emotions I want to portray? All I can say is thank goodness I have fifteen months because this is going to take some time. I want them to be unique and I (being an English nerd) love love love quotes and books and love stories and anything of the sort, how do I get a balance between the two? What if F. Scott Fitzgerald can explain my feelings better then I can?

*I would be sure to change ‘she’ to ‘he’ though, I’m not sure how much Chad would appreciate that.


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