ImageI have been on a Gossip Girl stint recently, and I feel as though it is a more modern version of the classic soaps my mom watched when she was pregnant with me and my siblings. Family drama, betrayal, lies, DNA tests, death, the list is chalk full of everything that makes us hang on the edge of our seats. It’s amazing how addicting these things can be. But I suppose that is the point. But anyway, back to my main point, while these shows are silly in retrospect, there is still some wisdom in them (even if you have to dig through it to find the smallest bits). Blair and Chuck continually go back and forth, but ultimately we all know they are meant to be together. Relationships are the best when they are not normal and boring. Relationships are the best when they are crazy, just like the quote mentions. If you don’t have any spice in your relationship, and the relationship is more of a business transaction than anything else, it’s not going to work. I hope that Chad and I are more crazy then I think we are.