Books: A Way of Life



Surprisingly enough, I used to be very anti-reading when I was younger. It was not until the Harry Potter series came out that I began my obsession. Harry Potter is kind of like the gateway drug of reading. I have read too many books to count, they have been my ever present companions, there when I needed them and there when I didn’t. They helped me through my first love and my last, my heartbreaks, depression, they taught be about happiness and to believe in fairy tales. They are a way of life, and one that I never regret choosing. I come across people who don’t understand my passion for literature, who don’t understand what is so important about reading. It is times like those that really show me how much I take for granted reading. I feel sorry for those people who will never experience all the adventures I have through my books. I may not have loads of cash to go explore the world, but I can do it through reading.